I love live music and I love capturing all the moments, passion, emotion and energy that pours from the stage.

Music grabs my soul and truly makes me feel what life should be.

That is what I strive to capture in with the click of a shutter….

Keep being one of the best back bones behind NY rock ‘n’ roll….. without amazingly talented and devoted people like you, this rock n roll scene is nothing. -Labretta S.

Great Photos !!! You Rawk !!! You can Feel the Music in the shots…Love Your Photos !!! Amazing Work …” -Bobcat R.

Once again amazing work!!!! You always get the best moments hands down. Bravo.-David P.

You are so friggin’ good. I love your photo’s!!! You are a brilliant artist. Really. You have an incredible eye for framing a shot!!!!!” -Ken D.

BEAUTIFUL SHOT…If I do say so myself!!! -Handsome Dick Manatoba

You’re a true artist -Chuck V.

Your photos totally capture the vivid rock moments and the color treatment you give it make them burst with vibe & moment! LOVE IT! Wow! -Sylvia H.

If you have a moment check out Kristin Viens work. She is one of the most amazing live photographers around -always captures the moment. -The Dead Exs

Amazing Kristin!!!! your talent never ceases to amaze me…..-Julie S.

DUDE!!! THESE ARE AWESOMEEEE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Best live photos we’ve ever had! -Brianna L.

You dear lady, are an amazing photographer -Papa Tunes

Feeling the love of this amazing music culture….